• Common House Ant

    Ants in the home are a sign that spring has finally arrived. These pests hibernate during the winter months and come out when the weather warms up. When these little pests awaken from thier slumber they are in search of food and will invade every part of your home looking for it.

  • Spiders

    Spiders mainly invade homes in the autumn months during the weather change. They like dark, quiet and damp spaces such as basements or garages. We can treat the interior and exterior of your home or office to rid you of these pests.

  • Stink bugs

    These particular odd looking pests have become more of a nuisance in our area over the last few years. Like the spider, they start to invade homes and structures when the weather starts to cool in the autumn. When inside they mostly stay near windows or in attics until the weather starts to warm again in the spring.